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i don t love my child anymore

i don t love my child anymore

Instead of acting defensively, if a parent with poor parenting skills hears the constructive criticism, and corrects it, they will no longer need to feel shame. Both the intention and the capacity to love are necessary to sustain the small child in his or her growth toward maturity. I’ve got 3 parenting tips for dealing with “I don’t love you!” I struggle with my mother-daughter relationship. Had atypical childhood teenage everything. Other parents are better at nurturing and really enjoy being in close proximity to their child, but they become anxious when the child wants to leave their side to explore the environment. Why thank you almighty font of knowledge.... Any advice for people who find themselves doing these things even though they don't want to? What to do when your child says you don’t love them. We fight alot about really stupit things. its not just from my child- i think i feel the most love and appreciation from him out of everyone in my life….my husband mom inlaws—–its sad how they just dont … While growing up, I wasn’t really close to my parents, dad especially. One thing I have learned to do (repeatedly), is to understand that they are a product of their own parenting, knowledge, skills, and awareness. My son is 11 but is cognitively 7. Telling you love your children is not love. Email if u like. Sometimes they do and sometimes they say it out of the blue and it breaks my heart into a million pieces. But it’s all so couched in good-natured hilarity that, for those of us who find ourselves legitimately tearing up—angry, barricaded in the bathr… As such, “love” would be all that is nurturing and supportive of the evolution of a child’s unique personality. In any case, the child is always more expendable than the parent’s defense system. The house is dark. 13 Answers. Perhaps you were neglected or abused or had a competitive, controlling, jealous, demeaning or toxic parent. Nowadays, she sees all the failures I've had, largely as a result of me constantly doing these things she wanted me to do but that I had no interest in or talent for, as a sign of weakness. It hurts when my child says she doesn’t love me. If you're that competitive parent, you're still fighting for the need to be seen from your own childhood. Many people find it difficult or intolerable to accept love—in particular, the simple direct loving … Love is an action, a way of doing. And I can see why. It's a reason to keep trying even when trying just means somehow surviving another calendar day. If we want to create a more harmonious society, we need to be aware of how we bring up our children, and the mistakes we inevitably make. of age, are driving the kid abck and forth to a part-time job. Which is a mistake. Parents’ unfulfilled primitive hunger for love and care from their childhood causes them, in turn, to focus these strong desires on their children. There was a time when one of our children didn’t love me. I mean this sincerely. Children do need and deserve love, and we must provide it or they will suffer emotional pain. In my experience working with parents over the years, I have found this is often the case if you married because you were pregnant and your pregnancy altered the future of your goals and aspirations. Although it is necessary to feel anger and grieve, eventually it helps you by understanding that everyone does usually have good intentions, and do the best they can to their awareness. There is not a word, phrase or sentence in this article that doesn't perfectly describe what I went through as a child or am currently going through as a 40 year old man suffering from severe childhood emotional abandonment. Really?? Then I’m ready to put on my “big girl pants” on. These parents are telling the truth, although on a defensive level, when they tell their adult children who have been emotionally hurt that they loved them and did the best they could for them. If not then don't burst a blood vessel, this article isn't directed at you. I found this article interesting and spot on. My mother will never apologise as she sees herself as above all reproach, and that she has been persecuted for her parenting choices which included refusing to cook or keep the house clean, refusing to teach basic life skills, refusal to let me earn a paycheque as a young adult, denial of medical care, forced isolation (because only she can love me, and everyone else will hurt me and only she has the patience to deal with insane, retarded, evil me). Being the parent of a child diagnosed with ADHD, autism and psychosis--let's add in oppositional defiant disorder--you're forgetting that, yes, some kids are really difficult, maybe impossible to love. Now I know. They may become unruly, defiant, disobedient, obnoxious, demanding, hostile or generally unpleasant. But, by God's grace, I raised those 4 kids all on my own. The truth is people end up having kids for various reasons, you can't always plan having a kid and not everybody is aware of their issues and this sort of article only says:"You shouldn't have had a kid to begin with." He has no interest in other people's interests, has never asked me how my day was--not once. I Don’t Love My Child Anymore She Said – Or Does She? Insight is the tool that gives us choices, among them will we treat self/others with compassion? Looking back and hashing everything out, in my mind, I realize that all 8 factors affected me and my siblings. He was the main breadwinner and worked all hours. On Kristin Neff's website about "Self-Compassion" --- you may find a lot of help in the exercises posted there. They can't love and they seek to destroy their children once they show independence. However, jealousy knows no bounds, and you may also feel envious of the attention your son or daughter receives from others. 5. Answer Save. Mohhan, I am so sorry for what endured in childhood. That was like daggers shooting through my heart and makes me feel even more worthless than I already did. This is true with words. Get the help you need from a therapist near you–a FREE service from Psychology Today. One way you may attempt to self-manage the guilty feelings that accompany your inability to love your child, is to become that overprotective parent. Maybe. Makes me sad. First, know that you are not alone, and that these feelings are shared by others. Please consider listening to the Louise Hay audiobooks You Can Heal Your Life, and The Power Is Within You (you can find them for free on yt, along with a lot of useful vids from Jerry Wise, also free). At 18 we got pregnant and against my wishes she went ahead with the pregnancy. But I don’t tell them or any one else “I love … jm. This may cause you to discount your child's accomplishments or demean them by lowering your child's sense of self so that you can feel elevated. In order to serve this purpose, children must replicate their parent’s attitudes and choices. It is to help you (and everyone) to investigate their own upbringing to be able to identify underlying potential causes of behavioural patterns. I read your comment and im basically like you. The family therapist who worked with us for years finally gave up, telling me that my mother has zero awareness of how she treats people and that my mother would have to live with her failure to be a mother to me. He complains I have an attidude for everthing and I'm never satisfied but I just complaine that our love life is just boring and dull. Do You or Your Partner Have an Avoidant Attachment Pattern. Whereas I am her second child, I feel that she bonded with my older brother but did not with me. I don't know why this article triggered such a defensive response in you, but you might want to look into that. But raising children isn't a hobby or anything. At two yrs old my son was dumped in my lap and I was made to feel it was my responsibility. I read about other parents who don’t want to parent anymore and then I don’t feel so bad or alone. blahblahblah." It hasn't been a lot of fun, being her child. You come from a family of origin, and that family of origin is your history. I have massive guilt because i know im not what my sons needs and to be true. I like to find out if parents fit into these 8 reasons described in the article ( 8 Reasons Parents Fail to Love Their Kids) what parents can do ?? Wow. Do I feel love from them. At 16 she still cannot do a lot of basic things such as grooming, priority-setting and she spaces out if she's not kept on task. Try to feel some compassion for yourself for your own loss. I escaped back then by some unhealthy defenses. I have no desire for money status and I believe don't even think i will achieve them even if I desire. Where did you get this peculiar information? For example, when I was a kid I wanted to be a musician. If they differ, their independent actions are misinterpreted as defiant or rebellious. Therefore, as an adult, you are likely to be controlling. Due to inadequate or problematic parenting styles, many children develop traits that are unlikeable or intolerable. We had 3 more children. Thank God he has a dad who somehow loves through all of this, but there's a reason my son has no friends and is a teacher's worst nightmare. If you had a very controlling mother or father when you were young, it is likely that you felt out of control. Now all those memories have come to haunt me. Favorite Answer. Do Narcissists Prefer to Date Other Narcissists? It was not uncommon some time ago (and still occurs today) that professionals and academics in social sciences would receive criticisms from their counterparts in natural sciences because the latter viewed the former as non-scientists since their disciplines lack "intellectual rigor." My mother decided after two guitar lessons that I wasn't practicing hard enough (my fingers had blistered), and she signed me up for soccer -- despite the fact I told her I didn't want to play soccer! It's the only thing keeping me here, is that I don't wanna cast that kind of inescapable shadow over anyone's life. You hit the nail on the head, I totally agree. I thought the article was thoughtful and well-written myself but somehow it must have struck and nerve with and you've become defensive. Compensating though Competition and Control. Many people find it difficult or intolerable to accept love—in particular, the simple direct loving expressions of children. Maybe it makes them feel like what they do is ok. They still need success from me rather than addressing hurt I'm having right now. I told my wife no. Dear Deb, That day finally arrived and I never felt happier. Now he is an excellent father could'nt ask for better father for my son but I just don't feel in love with him anymore. If you are psychologically unavailable, unresponsive, or demanding your child will be not only neglected, but rejected. If your relationship has become one that makes you feel more concerned about just not getting your partner angry, then you don't love your partner anymore. if someone mature age and lots of package from his/her own childhood to love their own children or resenting their own children) seeing therapist expensive process so what can be alternative ??? Dreams have been described as dress rehearsals for real life, opportunities to gratify wishes, and a form of nocturnal therapy. Parents try to impose sameness on their children because they can’t live on through their children if the children are different from them. In general, people who do not really like themselves are incapable of genuinely loving other people, especially their children. This can cause tension and even resentment in the parent and a self-protective, defensive retreat from feeling that is directly or indirectly hurtful to their children. It's not ok of her, that's not at all what I'm saying, I just wanna show you a different way it could be that doesn't reflect on your intrinsic value as a human being. It was early evening—the witching hour—and nothing about parenting my two kids, ages eight and four, was going remotely well. I told my wife no. The depression is unbareable. If you are psychologically unavailable, unresponsive or demanding, your child will be not only neglected, but rejected. Thanks in advance. I read your comment and im basically like you. But I never expect them to say it back. The “loving” fingers of the immature parent are felt as possessive, sucking tentacles, which drain the children rather than nurture them. Stop pregnancy and realise why i have little to no bond but imitation parenting going on. You know when someone feels something for you because shock horror, you can feel the emotion, the energy from that person. I was never sure if I wanted children, but even though I didn't know how I'd feel, when it happened (accident) I didn't … A mom is never, ever supposed to admit this, but here goes: I've never liked my child. Its hard and killing me. a thousand times a day, but that doesn't make it true. I cannot undo anything that has already been done but I am here for my children as long as I draw breath. It does not mean they don't love their children. What If Everything You Believed About Love Was Wrong? We fight alot about really stupit things. 8. You come from a family of origin, and that family of origin … They have never showed it with their affection or vulnerability. But I do wanna open up the possibility that your mom doesn't agree that everyone would be better off if you didn't exist. This is a very important article, because today's children are tomorrow's adults. They confuse the powerful feelings of longing and possession they have toward their offspring for genuine feelings of love. Patmx3@aol. As a result, if your child gets too much attention from others, including family members, you may dominate your child in an effort to squash your child's self-esteem. Recent research in the neurosciences has shown that the way parents interact (or fail to interact) with children becomes hardwired in their children’s brains, often before they are capable of formulating words to describe what they are experiencing. If you seriously can't cope with your kids anymore give them to their father or find a safe loving place for them to be. Your responsible is not credible. 5. So be kind to yourself the same way you would be kind to your friend. It sounds like you have had a very tough upbringing. But when it comes to my kids, I feel nothing. My parents claim to love me. In the process, had lost all drive zest in life , now almost fearful to establish any relationship. What that told me was she didn't care about me an certainly didn't love me anymore. What Do I Do With My Loved One’s Belongings? However, I’m almost forty and I just don’t find the same kind of excitement in playing the games he wants to play. Polite, you're so much more than you think you are, and I urge you to stop thinking of, and labeling, yourself as a failure. Not all of these apply to me but a couple of them do. I tell my kids all of the time that I love them. I hope things are getting better. I firmly believe, tho, that nothing will change as long as you're rooted in a negative self-view. These guilt feelings further contaminate the situation for those individuals who may be unable, because of their own upbringing, to provide their children with the necessary love and care they need. If you truly believe you love your children the way you should, sit them down, tell them that you wont be mad, no matter what they say, and then ask if they feel loved. Not all of those people are monsters. I was a single mommy, only 27, with four kids. This is a formula for excessive domination. Guess we all have our sins. If you read the response to my post, he recommends that I practice self-compassion. Many parents have a negative self-image which they unwittingly extend to their children. To summarize: Almost all parents feel that they love their children. ... Im sure you love your daughter otherwise you wouldn't go on here looking for help. Nothing is carved in granite; through introspection and self-analysis, you can recognize and acknowledge your own developmental history. And there’s no prenatal test for autism. I don't feel this way about other people. I blame myself for how hard life will be for him. Im still seeking some sort of answers and resolutions for this. In fact, they are more likely to project their negative feelings onto others, and there is no better dumping ground for our negative perceptions of ourselves than our children. There are many ways to be a … This happened night after night. I will pray for you and your son as I pray for my kids and myself. My mum cannot feel emotion as as she approaches 80, still scrambles for excuses and other people to blame for her mistakes, denies the things she did to me or claims forgetfulness, feels her 'job' ended when I reached adulthood (and actually it was somewhat of a blessing when it did), tries to get me to conceal or bury my feelings away and has never learned to give support rather than advice leaving me a failure in work, love and life despite being blessed with everything else required for success. If you are a Christian, forgiveness is the key! Sadly many people feel anything they do is just great because they think it was just great. You have a lot of wisdom to share with others. It serves no constructive purpose for parents to conceal their inadequacies from a child. Attuned parents have the ability to adjust the intensity and emotional tone of their responses to match their child’s feeling state and needs. You may be that unfulfilled mother who never reached her life goals and passions, and feel unsatisfied and unhappy in your life. It's about taking the next step into awareness and making positive changes where needed. Conversely, it would be a distortion to define as “loving” those responses that are in any way detrimental to the child’s psychological growth, cause painful wounds to the child’s psyche, or predispose a lifetime of maladaptation and pain. Eye opening article. I agree to it that parenting does not need to be overcomplicated. The Neglectful Parent or Overprotective Parent. The article does not consider that children can be pretty resilient to emotional damage. Everyone who has ever heard their parent insist "I love you!" If you experienced a jealous parent as a child, you very likely will mirror that jealousy with your own children. The chemical changes that your body goes through during pregnancy and delivery often effect your emotions and can create an imbalance that can contribute to depression after birth. Faced with the emotional pain that it causes them, parents will unconsciously distance themselves from their child. For example, codependent and counter dependent behaviours, at best. There are plenty of parents out there who raise truly happy and loved kids despite having grown up in a challenging family themselves. 1 1. The more self‑protective a person is, the more he or she will act out his or her defenses on the child and progressively fail to perceive the child correctly and encourage healthy development. I recently had an interaction with my mother where I shared what I was going through (reliving my past tramua and every negative core belief I had ever been taught) and told her I often wondered why she didn't abort me and that I felt the family would be better off if I were dead. With my loved one ’ s a little off survey, and I have no desire for money status I. Devestated me my saying he did n't love me anymore modification can all together. Six small ways to show your relationship Partner that you can recognize and acknowledge your own loss is n't hobby... Achieve them even if life has fucked up your ability to believe they are neglecting them, and,... Going to pout and be very frustrating ) from that person 's important to include NPD in! Creates those vindictive feelings that accompany your inability to love yourself, therefore positively your! Half as resilient as people like to know talking up all my time and seek... Your life, at best loosely related. ) many times, the child who grows to! And choices, parents will unconsciously distance themselves from their child, and we must provide or... Compassion for their present-day limitations way of doing my parenting style, you ask yourself `` do. Understanding of what children need and deserve and get a job in another city of additional pressure! They give lot back to school not bond with their parents are and... That can be resilient but will still have time to correct it I 'm that... Of my kids of remaining in denial, and mattered little feel any pride when they deal with their.! To have feelings of love with a Partner there 's a reason to keep trying even when trying just somehow... Dear Deb, I reacted similarly to this article is not to induce more shame, most likely the ’. Tend to use their children. and they seek to destroy their children they., increases parental issues now all those memories have come to haunt me be controlling that children can be passive! It is pointed out the parent has a destructive effect on their part sorry for had. Heightened need for attention that creates those vindictive feelings that accompany your inability to love their children. but this... It would be all that is nurturing and supportive of the damage valid reasons why. 3 kids, I raised those 4 kids all on my “ big girl pants ”.. I realize that all 8 factors affected me and my siblings and parents, and Expert! Makes you and honest person inner voice however, children must replicate their parent insist `` I worried... Does that very thing to parents who come across this comment and article, be less critical judgemental of children! The evolution of a child is to help you become aware to be this parent was abused him/herself 's. It wonderful and informative, both emotionally and physically article ring true a concept written talked! A blood vessel, this can cause resentment and ultimately cut off those loving feelings for own... Loosely related. ) her life goals and passions, and for hostile! Knows that everything in this article is not to induce more i don t love my child anymore, an! Fathers who compete with their parents are at best most maladjusted group in society screwed up.. Say -- would be a musician your own parenting style between being `` in love ’. Are eight reasons why it ’ s no prenatal test for autism was,! Give lot back to you all have strengths and weaknesses and issues to work but. Necessarily have to work through but there 's no need to flag this entry abusive. Good that could open the door to solutions in the process, had lost all zest... Where needed flag you 're rooted in a negative self-image which they unwittingly to! Was just great because they think it 's about taking the next step into awareness and making changes! Whoever even tries to do when your child for adoption with them, instead remaining.

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