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Consumer Junk plays live at numerous venues and festivals in the Netherlands such as Tivoli, P60, de Duycker or Baroeg Open Air and starts to work on a new full-length album “The Gift of Aggression” late 2017.

With the new record, the band keeps the electronic roots of Consumer Junk, but also assimilates the years of experience as a full live act. The songs see more progressions with chords, breaks and choruses yet keeping the Dance groove and Electro sounds. The themes of “The Gift of Aggression” are in the continuity of the previous works: consumerism, conflicts, uprising…

In 2018 Niels Muijen parts ways with the band. The three remaining members decide to push even further towards the direction taken with the new album and recruit Yannick Wattiau on the guitars for a new sound and energy on stage. Yannick brings his influences from the Extreme Metal world to introduce chunky and aggressive riffs next to tuneful solos in Consumer Junk’s music.

Be prepared for a high energy musical and visual live experience!

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