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The Veenendaal rapper aCtive has been writing and produCing musiC for over 16 years. After years at home in the attiC fuCking around with anything and everything, he studied at the RoCkaCademy, the Herman Brood aCademy and launChed the “REDRIOT” label with rapper Redstar Radi . His mixtape “de kleine arCana” and the album “de grote arCana”, on whiCh he Collaborated, among others, with Bizarre (D12), were managed in-house and also the “Zo ben ik niet EP”, in whiCh he gives a nod to several subgenres, has now been thrown into the world.

He also entered into a Collaboration with the football Club ‘fC utreCht’ after his 2 traCks about the Club, and he often performes his hit “Feestje vandaag” live before the kick off at home games.

His funny but thoughtful lyrics take everyone on an adventure through the Chaos of these times, or rather the Chaos in the head of aCtive. He is Currently working on a new album, but has some things ready for those, just like aCtive himself, not being a king in sitting and waiting. With a bit of luck, we Can stream the shit out of his new album early next year, he will keep his promise to come with some Candy up to that time and he may finally grow up. I wouldn’t Count on it, but you never know.

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